Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vapor™ pre order!

Just in time for Valentines Day!
Vapor™ resin statuettes
Limited Edition 24 world wide (8 of each color)
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Vapor_2.0™- external USB docking station for mass storage thumb drives. Add convenient access to a USB port with cute and stylish decor.
No more crawling under your desk to access your portable thumb drive!
  • Sits 5½" tall
  • Hand cast and painted reinforced resin
  • Quality high speed factory cable / USB 2.0 connection
  • Pre - Tested
  • Signed and numbered by _pierre
  • Orders are limited (undetermined number of editions)
  • US orders only at this time (my apologies)
(thumb drive not included)

N/A As Of 5.1.12
Please note; the items I present are created, sculpted, crafted, and sold by me, are cast resin reproductions, of my original works. Unless specified; They are Limited Edition (50 or less) , Original cast reproduction (5 or less), Original One of a kind resin sculpture (1 worldwide). They are durable, quality hand cast/formed resin pieces . However cute as they may appear; please understand that they are not a child's toy....they are considered by many - works of Art, Art "toys", or Collector resin statues. Please take note before making your decision when purchasing. Thanks.

Update - 2.6.10
.The one and only Spanky Stokes - toy aficionado and all around cool guy, paid us the prestigious honor by ushering Vapor's online presence into the toy collector's world as only Spanky himself can do it. If you don't know Spanky.... you don't know designer toys! Check out the blurb he laid out for us on spankystokes.com

.Associate editor Rio McCarthy wrote a very enthusiastic article about Vapor on www.tomopop.com. You can read her posts here http://tomopop.com/vapor-the-resin-dragon-by-pierre-rouzier-10924.phtml. Thank you Rio!...The toy gods tell me your flavorite phantasm is grape?

.More love for Vapor! http://tomopop.com/tomopop-review-vapor-the-dragon-11336.phtml

Update - 3.23.10
Now available

You can Order yours today from the Buy Now button in the original Vapor_2.0! post(above).

Update - 4.19.10
. Vapor goes global! and is now available for a limited time through Tomenosuke-syoten(Japan) and through their on line store. You can read more at http://tensu53.exblog.jp and a review of Vapor at their Tomenosuke-soyten blog .