Sh-Betty Boom - Planet Z -_v2-01/01

This one of a kind Sh-Betty Boom resin statue titled "Planet-Z" captures the essence of Sh-Betty's brave and wondrous journeys into uncharted planetary systems with her ever faithful companion , Bop, at her side.  Planet-Z (v2), is an original cast edition which features Sh-Betty sporting her signature, two tone interplanetary ensemble as a yellow/pink variant. It is the second original artist edition of my original clay sculpture, cast from the original first run mold. The sculpture stands 12" tall x 7" long x 4" deep and is hand signed and numbered bearing my embossed indicia. It is a raw example of a fine maquette statue that is a hand finished, paint master, airbrushed in a vibrant duet of metallic and matte finish colors.

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The items I present; are designed, sculpted, crafted, and sold by me. They are often cast resin reproductions of my original works made available as Limited Edition (50 or less), Original cast reproductions (5 or less) or as an Original One of a kind sculpture (1 worldwide). They are  individually hand cast poly-stone resin, sculpted and painted "Art Toys", Character Maquettes, Resin Collectible Display figures or Designer Art. The Art is not suitable for infants and are not intended as toys for persons under the age of 15. Please consider this when making your purchase. Due to the uniqueness and the process involved that goes in to creating the individual pieces; I do not accept refunds. In the event that your item is received damaged or broken, Please contact us immediately. Every effort will be made to help satisfy a pleasant experience to ensure that you are pleased with your purchase.  Thanks.

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