Monday, March 12, 2012


The Limited Edition Gazuzu "AirHead(79)" figures are finally posted!

The wonderful thing about a blog; is not only being able to deliver fresh content on the fly - but my favorite thing about blogger; is the slogan - "push button publishing". How clever is that, I ask you? However, like the tagline implies - you MUST actually PUSH the button to actually  POST the content after you write it....ugh! My forgetfulness notwithstanding - here is my very long over due release of the Gazuzu resin figure (appropriately) entitled "AirHead" (79). Each can be purchased here from the Studio Store... 

Gazuzu  AirHead 79 edition  was intended to make it's debut 3 weeks ago in time to pay homage to the anniversary of that other famous ape to scale a building, back in 1933. Limited Edition of 4 pieces -The AirHead 79 figures sit 6.25" tall (to top of  head) on a 4" diam base, each individually signed and numbered, hand cast in polystone resin, airbrushed and hand painted in a satin, monochromatic color scheme.

All orders requested from outside of the continental US, please email me directly for proper shipping costs to your confirmed address (no P.O. Boxes please), and country to be sent to.