Sunday, April 1, 2012

Leave My Monkey Alone

Spring is in the air! and GaZuZu makes his second debut in LiviNg Color - with the Springtime fresh; AirHead -"Aggro" edition. Reminding us that, along with April showers and pretty flowers comes those other little annoyances like allergies, chores, loud neighbors...while unseen things with wings that sting, buzz about your head...

 Limited to 6, individually hand cast, signed and painted polystone figures - The GaZuZu AirHead - "Springtime Aggro" edition are now available in the Studio Store!

Gazuzu "Airhead" - belligerent blue

Gazuzu "Airhead" - egregious green

Gazuzu "Airhead" -  yammering yellow

Gazuzu "Airhead" - ocd orange

Gazuzu "Airhead" - petulant pink

Gazuzu "Airhead" - relentless red

International orders;  please email me directly in order to calculate proper shipping costs to your address.