Thursday, February 20, 2014

Revenge Of The Goldfish

Be sure before you flush...

This recent sculpt is titled "Generations".
cast resin, hand sculpted, mixed media and acrylic, marble and granite mount. (obscenely heavy).

It seems understandable that this current piece smacks certain overtones of trendy "zombie fandom" - but in actuality, (like many of my works), it was inspired by music. In this instance; I give a nod to Inspiral Carpets' (1992) song "Generations" from the album (by the same title as this post) which adorns the awesome photographic art of Sandy Skoglund. While the song, was motivating enough - the sculpt has nothing to do with the lyrics. In this context, "Generations", I attempt to parody "capricious evolution".... Although, I have to admit - their music video, was as equally "inspiraling"!