Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dragon Got Back....Up

Introducing Mango_2.0.
The Vapor resin figures have been out for a little while now. Including the functional (USB) desktop version - Vapor_2.0™
For those who requested a Vapor in something with a little more twang....

...I'm pleased to offer the recent mouth watering "Mango" version in '2.0'
(Thanks to those who insisted the color was more mango and not tangerine ;-))

Vapor_2.0™- external USB docking station for mass storage thumb drives. Add convenient access to a USB port with smokin' and stylish decor.No more crawling under your desk to access your portable thumb drive!

* Sits 5½" tall
* Hand cast and painted reinforced resin
* 6 ft long - quality high speed factory cable / USB 2.0 connection
* Pre - Tested
* Signed and numbered by _pierre
* Orders are limited (undetermined number of editions)
* US orders only at this time (my apologies)

(thumb drive not included)
You can order your Mango Vapor_2.0
here or in the Studio Storein addition to all the original flavors!