Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jump In The Line (skake- shake- shaken- not stirred)

For those who have waited...The next serving of 2010 "Martini Time" Thirstin (re-issue) resin figures, will be available to ship in June!

After announcing a re-release of the "Martini Time" edition back in 1.1.10, I was disappointed to discover that the original mold had reached the end of it's life. Pictured above, molded and re-cast from the original master sculpt, are the new figures set amongst some of my original proofs and expanded line from 2004. You can now place your order for your very own Thirstin Martini Time edition in the PiNkJazZ - Inside The Sculptor's Studio Store.

While packaging may not wind up being too fancy; it is currently being work- work- worked on...

.Update - 5.26.10