Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Thing Leads To Another...


Rounding up 2011 with a sampling of my character maquettes created since the inception of this little blog back in 2009. Vapor was the first of a few resin figures that went into production after a 5 year hiatus from my previous collectible releases in 2004. Year-end, limited edition collector sets will be available in time for the holidays in a variety of colorways. The sets will include Vapor & Clash as well as the two, yet unreleased additions - Fleetwood & Gazu-Zu.

Vapor prototype_10.2009

Clash prototype_12.2010

Fleetwood prototype_9.2011

Gazu-zu prototype_10.2011

Stay T00ned!


Jane Lincoln said...

those are cute! can't you color them though?

_pierre said...

Thanks Jane - the (gray)maquettes featured in the post are the original master sculptures from which the previous colorways were produced. The new releases will be painted and offered in various colors for 2012.