Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thinking of Japan

UPDATE! 4.22.11

Kaiju For Japan Art and Toy Sale
Goes Live Today Friday April 22 at 4pm(EST)!
at the Gorilla Mouth website

3 Clash Candy Ckaiju are included in contribution to the sale.

Thank you for your support and a huge thanks to Troy and wife, for all their hard effort in putting together such an impressive collaboration of talent for a worthy cause.

the contribution to Tohoku the stricken area of the Japan earthquake.
Art and toy donations raise funds to help those suffering in Japan....

Our friends at Tomenosuke-syoten, had sent me this recent email about the growing efforts undergoing the TOYS HELP US campaign for their Japan disaster relief fund. This huge effort has gained a tremendous amount of momentum in a short amount of time due to the support of toy artists and manufactures around the globe coming together to contribute what we are passionate about and what binds us as a unique culture. It is expected that this campaign will garner some very sought after items; special edition toys, one offs, limited edition pop art and prints. Many of these items are signed or personally authenticated by the artists themselves. All contributions donated to THS will be sold or held at auction, with all proceeds going to help the victims of the disaster stricken area.

We will continue to do what we can and are grateful to able to show support for those affected by this tragedy...
The toy community can help make a difference... in our own small way.

For more updates, information and how you can help contribute to THS visit the tomenosuke-syoten blog.


Kaiju For Japan

Artist and toy customizer Troy Stith quickly rose to the occasion and put out a call to toy artists and kaiju lovers to help contribute donations to Kaiju for Japan earth quake relief fund. Troy was able to summon more than 60+ artists and customizers to join him in their humanitarian efforts by donating their works in alliance with Kaiju For Japan. All profits made from the art and toy sale will be donated directly to the Japanese Red Cross to aide in the earthquake and tsunami relief. So far, I will be donating a unique pair of resin Vapor & Clash figures (now in the works), which will soon be revealed and go up for sale, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Kaiju for Japan for their collaboration helping those suffering in Japan. In addition to my participation - there are still a few Clash "candy ckaiju" figures up for grabs with partial proceeds going to the Kaiju for Japan/Japaneses Red Cross.

Kaiju For Japan happens Friday April 22!
You'll be heading to the Gorilla Mouth shop for the sale, specifically here: